Dominoes Rules

Playing Domino is practiced in several variants, including the rules slightly different. We first the basic rules which serve in part for variants.

The rules of the classic game

The phase of the game: We set the dominoes one after the others, each tour. Pour are able to ask a domino, we must put a domino containing the same number of points that present on the table.

The dominoes are placed perpendicular double. If a player can not place dominoes, he misses a turn, they say that “sulked”. The winner is the first to ask all these dominoes, it is possible that the party is blocked, no player more can cause a domino, in this case is ganant who has the least dominoes.

Example: The first player lays a domino 3 / 6, the next player devrat ask a domino having as many points on at least one part of the domino, the number 3 or 6.

Now we are going to learn the variations of Thurs domino, it is other way to play domino can bring excitement to the game and make it even more interesting!

Classic game variant

The rules and the number of dominoes are distributed the same part classic pick. The first to ask all these dominoes is the winner of the stick, it counts the points they remain in the hands of others players and brands. If the party is able to finish because the game is blocked, this one has the fewest points in hand that wins. The first player to score 100 points is the winner of the game.
The game limits may be modified raccoucir or to extend the party (50,150,200 pts …)

Classic game variant without heel

Classic game variant who loses wins

The rules and the distribution remains the same as the classic game. We set the dominoes still a lap and one that can play pick up a domino pull it Pourrat ask. The first raises all these dominoes are eliminated, and those to whom he remains the most points is the winner.

You can find other variations of the game of dominoes on the Internet, such the memory or concentration, the joke say, the 5 all, the matador or dominoes accounting. But one can also find games of dominoes or dominoes are more two sides: domino three-sided Octagonal. Soon we will offer other rules to diversify your style of play!

Fives Up Rules

All Fives, also called Fives Up game is played with a double six set or a double nine set. The dominoes are shuffled face down and each player automatically receives the correspondent number of dominoes.

Domino Basic Rules

Scoring and Blocking